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Internet and Satellite Technology as it applies to using Multimedia, Foreign Language, and Foreign Culture Content for Education

Course Description
Participants will work side by side for two weeks with SCOLA experts and technicians in hands on involvement with all the multimedia aspects of SCOLA transmissions of television and other services to more than 500 libraries and schools, including colleges and universities throughout North America. The various departments and operations are:
* WEB IMPLEMENTATION OF MEDIA SERVICES - navigating SCOLA, courses, lessons, translations, multimedia, etc.


* SALES & MARKETING (target a market, selling strategies, promote and sell)

* OPERATION OF SCOLA CHANNELS - receivers, recorders, players, monitors, broadcasting via satellite & internet

* SATELLITES (Maintaining and operating hands on)

Learning Objectives
To be able: (1) to be a part of the SCOLA learning resources delivery system anywhere in the world; (2) to create analogous learning systems appropriate to any learning environments; (3) to operate all aspects of the SCOLA multimedia system: Manage transmissions, preparation of educational materials, interactive participation in courses via satellite and via the web; (4) to be able to apply attained knowledge in home country; and (5) to learn the basics of TV production as SCOLA partners.

Internet and Satellite Technology


Course Vitals

SCOLA (A Foreign Language TV/Web Provider)

McClelland, IA

Training Dates
October 23 - November 3, 2017

Suggested Course Sequence
Satellite Communications




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