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Introduction to Collaborative Models for Internet Infrastructure Development

Course Description
The Training will cover Internet infrastructure development and deployment, and community and capacity development with an emphasis on IXPs, community networks, and sustainable development. Students will be provided with an overview of activities and efforts underway to develop core infrastructure, and provided guidance for getting involved in local, regional, and global activities. Additionally, current global topics of interest related to sustainable infrastructure and capacity development, and regional and global trends will be discussed.

Learning Objectives
This course will provide participants with an overview of models for infrastructure deployment, and collaborative development models.

Realities of deploying Internet exchange points (IXPs) and community networks, sustainable models, capacity building opportunities and funding opportunities, and an introduction to key activities and players in the community.


Course Vitals

The Internet Society

Washington, DC

Training Dates
Sep, 2017

Suggested Course Sequence
Cybersecurity and ICT Policy




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