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Cybersecurity and Global Digital Infrastructure Policy

Course Description
The global digital infrastructure (GDI) consists of the foundational information and communications technology products that make up and enable the Internet and modern communications. The GDI is predominantly composed of interoperable hardware and software products that do not vary significantly amongst individual countries and are deployed worldwide. Together, these products allow networks to communicate with each other. The components make up the central nervous system of not only innovation but also economic development and social interaction.
As individuals and businesses increasingly rely on the GDI, they place a corresponding value upon the security of the network and the protection of data traversing the network. Yet this need for trust in the security and privacy provided by the GDI is increasingly challenged by the rapid increase of malicious attacks (such as hackers and malware) to the network and data. It is critical that the GDI continues to promote innovation of security and privacy measures at a pace equal to the development of these threats.
To help provide for the innovation of new security and privacy technologies needed to ensure that the GDI continues to thrive, Intel believes public policy innovation ?is necessary. This course will explore current cybersecurity policy challenges and possible solutions including topic critical infrastructure protection, information sharing and how to form public-private partnerships.

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Course Vitals

Intel Corporation

Washington, DC

Training Dates
Sep, 2017

Suggested Course Sequence
Cybersecurity and ICT Policy




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