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Introduction to Satellite Regulation

Course Description
Recently, in Developing and Least Developed Countries the public and private sector have begun making great progress related to the deployment of cost-effective satellite communications. From narrowband to broadband, and from telecom to broadcasting, delivery of these services is being facilitated by national and regional groups of Administrations that have been applying successful satellite regulations and policies. This course will examine the types of satellite regulatory and policy practices that have been proven to work in Developing and Least Developed Countries, as well as the trends relating to the development of next-generation approaches.

Learning Objectives
Course participants will gain an understanding of effective regulation of satellite communications, including fixed and mobile; voice, video and data; domestic and international; and more.

The course will begin with a brief overview of the primary aspects of satellite communications systems, services and applications. This will be followed by a focus on key features of satellite regulation and policy, including licensing, spectrum management, type approvals and homologation, and more. Also addressed will be key regulatory considerations, such as competition, technology neutrality, the rationale for ?light-touch? approaches, Voice over IP, cross-border, and more.


Course Vitals

The Boeing Company

Washington, DC

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Satellite Communications




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