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The Rule of Law and Best Practices in Telecommunication Regulation

Course Description
The rapid changes in the field of telecommunications have prompted both regulators around the world and the entities they regulate to examine the effectiveness of regulatory structures, practices, and procedures governing today's telecommunications marketplace. This course is intended to expose participants to ideas and approaches that can lead to the development of best practices in telecommunication regulation suitable to a variety of settings and circumstances. With an introduction to the concept of the Rule of Law and its role in telecommunications regulation as a starting point, the course sessions will present a variety of regulatory models, procedures, and practices and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Course sessions will focus not only on the perspectives of telecommunications regulators, but also will feature presentations in which investors in telecommunications infrastructure, providers of telecommunications services, and consumers who use and rely upon those services will share their views.

Learning Objectives
• Develop an understanding of the goals and concerns of national policy-makers and regulators in regard to their countries' respective telecommunications needs in today's telecommunications environment
• Examine the role of the Rule of Law and the advantages and disadvantages of various regulatory practices, procedures, and approaches in use or under consideration in the United States and elsewhere
• Identify effective 'best practices' that can be adapted by regulators in a variety of settings to achieve favorable policy and regulatory outcomes for telecommunications users and service providers alike

This course is designed for government policy-makers and regulators; executives and managers of telecommunications companies subject to existing or proposed governmental regulations; and government and private sector attorneys who advise them.


Course Vitals


Washington, DC

Training Dates
November 2019

Suggested Course Sequence
Introduction to Rule of Law Sequence




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