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Disaster Preparedness and Response

Course Description
Recent emergencies, such as the major hurricanes in the Caribbean and the earthquake in Mexico, highlight the increasingly important role mobile plays during times of crisis. As mobile communication becomes ever more critical to the success of disaster response efforts, there is a need for policymakers and regulators to better understand how they can support the benefits that mobile communication delivers during emergencies. This course looks at how the inclusion of mobile in disaster response plans can help save lives and speed up recovery times.

Learning Objectives
• Learn how improved coordination between mobile operators, governments, regulatory authorities and the humanitarian response community is critical during times of crisis
• Discover how regulators around the world are adopting flexible approaches to policy during emergencies to positively impact response efforts
• Consider how aid is becoming increasingly digitized and the role mobile can play in this new environment of digitized aid


Course Vitals


Washington, DC

Training Dates
October 22, 2019

Suggested Course Sequence
Emergency Communications Sequence




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