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Radio Spectrum Monitoring Techniques and Procedures

Course Description
Course participants will receive an introduction to spectrum monitoring and related measurement techniques at a field facility of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Initially, an overview of the role of the Enforcement Bureau and Field Operations will be presented in a classroom setting prior to transportation of the class to the FCC Columbia Operations Center facility in Columbia, MD. Following introduction of FCC course instructors, a tour will be conducted of these facilities. At the FCC facility, the class will be separated into small rotating work stations: Fixed and Mobile direction finding; Spectrum Measurement Software; and Satellite Monitoring from an equipped satellite console using a large Cassegrain feed parabolic antenna.

On the final day of the training, the course co-sponsor, Keysight Technologies, will discuss methods for spectrum monitoring, including record and playback of spectrum for time continuous spectrum analysis. In addition, a hardware and software demonstration will be shown to highlight some common PC-based tools for spectrum monitoring applications. National Instruments is the industry leader in PC-based measurement and automation tools used worldwide in applications like communications, automotive, aerospace and semi-conductor.

Learning Objectives
To obtain a working understanding of: (1) spectrum management techniques related to enforcement of national and international radio regulations, and their practical application using spectrum monitoring and measurement tools; (2) signal recognition, and how the signals are received, through correlation between available databases and other publications and observed/measured signal characteristics; (3) how received signals are processed through receivers, monitors, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers to establish transmission parameters; (4) how special engineering measurement equipment is applied against various types of communication signals (including broadcast and satellite signals) to understand the basis for their complex monitoring results; (5) the fundamentals of basic monitoring, measuring, and direction finding theory; and (6) the latest RF survey and measurement systems available today.

Managerial and technical with a technical emphasis


Course Vitals

Federal Communications Commission and Keysight Technologies

Columbia, MD

Training Dates
September 30-October 4, 2019

Suggested Course Sequence
Spectrum Monitoring Sequence




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