Spectrum Management & Monitoring in the 5G World

Course Description

The course will cover trends and practical solutions for today and future signal environments including presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations and group discussions on:

• 5G Opportunities & Challenges for Spectrum Regulators

– 5G: Standards Overview
– 5G: Mobile Equipment Supplier / Operator Perspective
– 5G: Validation, Characterization and Conformance Testing
– 5G: Use Cases and Requirements – EMBB, MIoT, MCS
– 5G: Balanced Spectrum Management (Licensed, Unlicensed and Shared Spectrum)
– 5G: Spectrum Monitoring in a 5G World

• Distributed Monitoring: Sensor Requirement, Measurement Planning

• Spectrum Monitoring and Coverage Analysis: Tools for data management what is needed and how best to do it

• Modern, Complex Signal Recognition

Learning Objective

The course is designed to provide spectrum regulatory officials and management / monitoring staff an overview of the 5G requirement and how it may affect their activities as it is implemented in their respective countries. The course will include case studies form spectrum regulators already active managing 5G networks and solutions.


TCI International, Inc. (an SPX Company)


Helsinki, Finland


September 24-26, 2019