Seminar in Competition Policy for Telecommunications

Course Description

The Course will be conducted by recognized competition policy and anti-trust experts from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Department of Justice, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Washington D.C. Legal community and will address basic aspects of competition policy, particularly as applicable to telecommunications industries.  The discussion during the first half of this intensive one day seminar and workshop will focus on three interrelated aspects of competition policy:

  1. To what extent (and with what qualifications and exceptions) can we anticipate that freely functioning private markets will satisfy consumer-citizens, needs, enhance society’s wealth, and provide opportunities for workers and owners to increase their wealth? How do these principals apply to telecommunications markets?
  2. What laws and legal institutions, especially anti-trust law and agencies regulating telecommunications firms, have proved beneficial in protecting and fostering market performance in those areas where reliance on marketplace forces and market decisions appears wanted?
  3. What kinds of legal oversight of private behavior are necessary in cases where markets either will fail to operate optimally or cannot provide what society desires?  For example, why does competition policy not fully embrace unregulated private markets for telecommunications services?

The second half of the course will consist of a workshop where participants and instructors will jointly address issues of telecommunications policy and competition that currently affect the participants’ home countries.

Learning Objective

For policy makers and regulatory managers who wish to develop a more thorough understanding of competition policy which may serve as a foundational backdrop for policy-making considerations as applied to the telecommunications sector.


USTTI in Conjunction with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and DC Legal Community


Theory and practice of competition, as applied to telecommunications


Washington, DC

Training Dates

July 24, 2020


Telecom/IT Policy and Regulation Sequence