Satellite Communications Primer

Course Description

This course will provide practical technical and regulatory fundamentals of satellite-based communications and services. The training will focus on the technical basis and characteristics of satellite architectures and operations, signal and applications management, and frequency use. In addition, this course will explore regulatory aspects associated with satellite-based communications services, including international policy and regulations, frequency assignments and allocations, coordination issues, spectrum management policies, and the regulation of satellite-based communications and services. The course will also provide a fundamental understanding of satellite transmission technologies, as well as an overview of satellite applications. Work will focus on the state of technology development and the practical implementation of satellite-based services, including the integration of digital applications and hybrid, end-to-end solutions. The course includes a hands-on session that will allow participants to gain technical expertise in satellite-based communications and services.

Learning Objective

Participants will become aware of the range of technical and regulatory issues associated with satellite-based communications and services, including technological developments related to satellite transmission and reception techniques. The focus of this course will be on developing an understanding of the fundamentals that impact the global satellite communications industry, the state of development of present and future satellite-based communications services and applications, and the regulatory and technical challenges applicable to the use of spectrum. This course is oriented toward managerial and technical staff seeking to gain a better technical understanding of the working methodologies of satellite communications, including application development, as well as policy and regulatory issues affecting satellite-based communications and spectrum management.




Ellenwood, GA


September 11-13, 2019