Laboratory Techniques in Support of Equipment Authorization Programs

Course Description

This program is intended to give participants hands-on training and experience in a functioning laboratory environment, in making technical measurements as applied to testing wireless radio equipment in support of governmental radio frequency equipment authorization programs. In addition to an explanation of the U.S. equipment authorization process, the course will focus on three elements of related laboratory activities. 1) testing radio frequency equipment for compliance with established technical standards; 2) developing and using new compliance measurement techniques for application in testing new radio technology; and 3) developing techniques for improving electromagnetic compatibility in radio frequency equipment. The participants will have the opportunity to work with FCC engineers and technicians in a fully operational electronics laboratory using modern equipment and methodologies. A site visit to the PCTest Engineering Laboratory of Columbia, MD. will be included.

A presentation by Keysight Technologies, the Course Co-sponsor, will be given on the final day of the training. Keysight Technologies is the world’s leading electronic measurement company.

This course is intended for engineers and technicians involved in active and developing radio frequency equipment authorization programs.

Learning Objective

Participants will develop a working knowledge and understanding of the type of measurements used to determine compliance with technical standards for radio frequency emissions, how to improve the performance of equipment with respect to electromagnetic compatibility, how to calibrate equipment used for such measurements, and how to approach the development of new measurement techniques for new radio services.


Federal Communications Commission and Keysight Technologies


Columbia, MD


October 7-11, 2019