Introduction to the Internet Domain Name System

Course Description

This course provides a basic understading of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS), its operational and policy definition ecosystems, the general vulnerability associated with it and some mitigation mechanisms such as DNSSEC. The training is provided by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) and the sessions delivered by operational experts and specialists selected by ICANN. ICANN is the global organization that coordinates the multi-stakeholder DNS policy development process and work closely with peer organizations to maintain a secure, stable and resilient DNS.

• Overview of the DNS ecosystem and ICANN’s role in it
• Introduction to DNS concepts and operations
• Introduction to DNS abuse threats and their mitigations
• Introduction to and theory of DNSSEC

Learning Objective

At the end of this course, partipants will understand the DNS ecosystem, how relevant policies are developed and how to participate. In addition, he/she acquires an introductory level understanding of DNS and DNSSEC concepts and operations as well as abuse risks and mitigation measures.




Washington, DC


September 2019