Emerging Technologies: Cybersecurity and Privacy in a Connected World

Course Description

Deep dive into some of the most relevant issues related to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) impacting the information age as digitization expands and people and “things” become more connected. Overview of the evolving privacy, security and AI policy and regulatory trends and their importance for IT professionals. Explore the latest trends on cybersecurity, trustworthiness, and privacy policy, as they interact with novel innovative technologies. Discover how we can foster security and enable the connected society vision through integrating communities, taking an important step in bridging the digital divide.

This course, taught by representatives from Intel Corporation, the world’s largest chip maker and manufacturer of computer, networking, Internet of Things (IoT) and communications products, will provide an overview of some of the emerging trends in data innovation and cybersecurity that are driving and securing next generation connectivity for people all over the world. This course will present a brief overview of artificial intelligence (AI), from hardware to software capabilities and real-world applications across multiple usage scenarios, as well as cover some of the emerging policy and regulatory activity guiding the future of AI development and deployment as they interact with concepts of privacy, trustworthiness and cybersecurity policy. While data and artificial intelligence are top of mind when it comes to emerging technologies, equally important is the security and governance of the networks that enable this new technological innovation to thrive. The course will also provide information on cybersecurity and privacy best practices including exploring trends on how the Thread landscape evolves, collaborative frameworks fostering security, security innovations, regulatory trends in privacy and security, and more. We will explore the latest technologies and standards underpinning this landscape and how they interact with key policy and regulatory trends. The course will also address focused areas of interest like Internet of Things security, vulnerability disclosure programs and bug bounties, trustworthiness, and more. Additionally, the course will provide an introduction to best practices in promoting cyber hygiene and usability. Finally, the course will provide an update on relevant ITU activities.

Learning Objective

  • Overview of emerging technology policy landscape including Privacy, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
  • Insight into establishing an innovative regulatory framework for enabling cybersecurity and privacy best practices in a world of increasingly connected people and things
  • Introduction to technologies, frameworks and policies promoting cybersecurity best practices
  • Update on relevant government/ITU activities and global policy landscape around cybersecurity and emerging technologies


Intel Corporation


Government regulators and policymakers


Washington, DC

Training Dates

April 9, 2020


5G and Emerging Technologies