Disaster Communications Planning

Course Description

Effective communications is an essential to key to successfully responding to a disaster or emergency. Having a pre-determined plan for the implementation and training of people and resources, is the key to providing essential communications support for first responders through post-disaster recovery workers. This is especially important when personnel from other countries participate in the response and recovery processes.

The course is designed to help spectrum managers those involved in emergency and disaster communications develop plans and systems that can be implemented before, during and after natural and manmade disasters which may be disrupted.

Presenters represent the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the manager of the federal government’s use of the spectrum, U. S. government, and non-government disaster and emergency response organizations.

Learning Objective

  • Provide through examples provided by both communicators and responders, an understanding of the need and value of having a dynamic plan for the equipping, training and deploying local and in-coming response teams
  • Assessing the specific needs of both the responders and communicators and applying best practices to planning efforts
  • ¬†Gain an understanding of how to work with outside response teams




Spectrum managers, response team communications managers and emergency services managers with responsibility of developing, implementing and managing disaster communications systems.


Washington, DC

Training Dates

October 20 -23, 2020


Emergency Communications