Anti-Abuse Training: Summary of Best Practices and Additional Resources Available

Course Description

The course provides a basic understating of terminology, abuse threats and an initial understanding of anti-abuse best practices for service providers. The training is based on proven and known anti-abuse best practices for network and hosting operations to fight online abuse such as spam, bots and malware, and the continual updating of these practices with new techniques and technologies. The training is provided by the M3AA Foundation, a global nonprofit dedicated to helping developing online countries become safe, functional and valued members of the Internet community. This anti-abuse training foundation is championed by M3AAWG and supported with continued development of proven anti-abuse best practices. The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), a global non-profit and industry-led organization, has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to fighting online abuse for the past decade, with industry education, public policy advice, the development of industry best practices and by facilitating global collaboration. For the development of proven best practices it draws upon technical experts, researchers and policy specialists from a broad base of Internet service providers and network operators representing over one billion mailboxes, and from key technology providers, academia and volume sender organizations.

Learning Objective

Summary level instruction to help students understand messaging abuse (spam plus other forms of abuse); network threats; best practice for service providers that address abuse; resources that can help address threats and abuse and resources for further capacity building in fighting abuse.




Washington, DC


September 2019